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Why rent when you can own a home? The common misperception is that renting is easier and cheaper then purchasing but here in our great state of California we are seeing rent increases like never before with no foreseeable end in the future. This along is a reason by itself to purchase a home and become a homeowner. There are also landlords either selling their homes or not making their mortgage payments forcing tenants who pay their rent on time every month to have to find somewhere to move quickly due to foreclosure of the landlord by the bank. By owning you are the creator of your own destiny. You no longer have to worry about rent or mortgage increases, or the possibility of having to uproot your family abruptly due to uncontrollable circumstances not caused by you. Interest Rates are at an all-time low. There is down payment help for all buyers alike, not just first-time buyers. If you work, there is no reason why you should not own a home. Bad credit? No problem we can fix that. don’t be one of the ones forced out of the purchase market due to the increasing of home values, be one of the ones who own and benefit from the increase in home values. You are paying someone’s mortgage, why not make it your own.

We Assist Buyers & Sellers With:

100% Financing Home Loans (Down Payment Assistance)

3% Down Payment No PMI Conventional Loan

10% Down ITIN Program & Bank Statement Program with 10% for Self Employed Borrowers

0% Down Payment VA Loans

21 Days Fast Track Credit Sweep

Assist Sellers with the Sale of Current and Purchase of a New Home (We can even make you an all cash offer on your current home)


In order to purchase a home, you must first get prequalified through a lender to determine the amount that you can qualify to purchase


When getting prequalified through a lender, be prepared to complete or provide the items listed below, (IF APPLICABLE). We like to say better safe than sorry)


·  Complete A Loan Application

·  Sign A Borrower’s Authorization Form

·  Provide Copy of Valid Driver’s Licenses and Social Security Card

·  30-60 days of official paystubs (need your names and name’s & addresses of your employer(s) on them)

·  Last Two to Three Years W2s & 1040’s/1099s

·  Last Two to Three Years Full personal federal tax returns

·  Last 2-3 Months (60-90 days) official statements of ALL assets (checking, savings, 401k/IRA, etc. (All Pages (even if the page is blank****)     official statements are required; screenshots or browser print accounts may not work.

·  If a Veteran, provide DD214 & letter of eligibility

·  If refinancing or own a rental, your mortgage statement is needed

·  Further information or records may be requested or needed to complete the loan process. There will be additional items needed though-out the processing of your loan. Please make sure you provide all documentation in a timely manner to avoid any delays with closing.





10 Steps to Home Ownership.


(1)   You must have a steady income in order to qualify for a home loan

(2)   You must have a qualifying household income of $40,000 or more

(3)   You must have a qualifying credit score of 620 or better (There are some Exceptions) & we offer a $500 21-day fast track credit repair service for debt elimination and a swift score boost

(4)   You must have a down payment of 3% to 3.5% saved of the purchase price for the home you purchase. This can be pulled from your 401k or retirement account or you can get down payment assistant (Offered by Us)

(5)   Speak to a Real Estate Agent or Loan Officer to get preapproved to purchase a home and to see what loan or program works best for you

(6)   Once preapproved, go shopping for a new home with your 5-star realtor Anthony Haulcy

(7)   Then there’s Offer, Negotiation & Acceptance: Make an Offer on a home, Anthony Haulcy will negotiate that offer and once accepted open escrow

(8)   Once in escrow, get a home inspection, have the home appraised & shop for homeowners’ insurance

(9)   Collect and submit all requested and pertinent docs to the lender/ Underwriter for loan approval.               


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